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The Gnostic Bible

Book and Audio-CD Set

SKU# 9781590306420




Shambhala Publications | 11/25/2008
Pages: 160 | Size: 5.25 x 7.5
ISBN: 9781590306420


Gnosticism was a wide-ranging religious movement of the first millennium C.E. whose adherents sought salvation through knowledge and mystical experience. Sample the gnostics in their own words with this unique book-and-audio set. The book, The Gnostics and Their Scriptures, provides a brief yet thorough introduction to gnostic philosophy, while the audio program allows you to encounter the gnostic scriptures as the living oral tradition they were intended to be. The selections are taken from among the most important—and most poetically beautiful—of all gnostic texts, including the Gospels of Thomas, Judas, and Mary Magdalene. Includes 3 CDs.

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"An enormously rich collection of sources—a wonderful achievement!" —Elaine Pagels, author of The Gnostic Gospels and Beyond Belief

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