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C. G. Jung (1875–1961), the founder of analytical psychology, was one of the first theorists to take seriously what happens in our dreams. But his work goes far beyond psychotherapy to embrace symbolism, religion, archetypes, sexuality, art, and even occult phenomena. His ideas have been expanded and enriched by the works of his numerous students and followers, and his influence today is felt in a range of areas—from art to science to popular culture.

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  1. Transforming Sexuality

    Transforming Sexuality

    The Archetypal World of Anima and Animus

    • by
    • Ann Belford Ulanov,
    • Barry Ulanov
    For your most intimate and significant relationship with the opposite sex, look within yourself—to anima and animus, the archetypal symbols that define and celebrate the presence of the Feminine in men and the Masculine in women. These compelling figures express inner realities of psyche and spirit with which we all must grapple in putting together the pieces of our individual identities—whether we are married or single, sexually active… Read More

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