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The voice of the stream late at night; The mountain colors at sunset.
Respectfully brushed by Shinden of Kokutai[-ji].


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Dimensions: 21x77

Purchase Ref #: 180

Gallery: Shinden Inaba

Scroll Notes: Original mounting, good condition, wooden box; a large and impressive Zen scroll.


This is a very common inscription on paintings of Daruma. At first, it seems to have nothing to do with the Grand Patriarch but from the Zen perspective, Daruma symbolizes the truth of Buddha-nature, a truth that is felt most strongly at the times of day when nature is most beautiful—at sunset, for example, or when we hear a stream murmuring at midnight. Shinden specialized in painting Darumas, large and small, and this big scroll is one of his best.

About the Artist

Inaba Shinden served as abbot of Kokutai-ji for many years. He was a prolific and creative Zen artist.

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