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One flower opens five leaves appear;
All things are accomplished naturally.
Respectfully brushed by the eighty-eight-year-old Taiko, Abbot of Myoshin[-ji].



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Dimensions: 18x64

Purchase Ref #: 181

Gallery: Furukawa Taiko

Scroll Notes: Original mounting, wooden box; very dynamic brushwork but with some foxing across the scroll.


The inscription means, in essence, "Open your heart to Zen enlightenment, bloom in the here-and-now, and bear much fruit." This dynamic, Hakuin-style Daruma is extremely powerful and bold. It does not seem possible that it was brushed by a monk who had just turned eighty-eight.

About the Artist

Furukawa Taiko was long-time abbot of Myoshin-ji in Kyoto, head temple of one of the major schools of Rinzai Zen in Japan. He was a well-known Zen scholar and activist abbot, and was famous for suddenly appearing in calligraphy supply stores, demanding brush, ink, and paper. He would dash off a portrait of Daruma, and then leave it as a good luck charm for the store.

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