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This heroic Indian prince
Without regret left his country.
The toothless true face—
YES! I have portrayed Daruma here with brush.
Inscribed by Fushin.


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Dimensions: 26.5x62

Purchase Ref #: 215

Gallery: Muchaku Togen

Scroll Notes: Original mounting, with box, excellent condition.† Rare and unusual large Daruma scroll.


According to legend, Bodhidharma was an Indian (in some accounts, a Persian) prince who became a meditation master and then came to China to introduce Zen (Chan) to the people there. Bodhidharma is sometimes described as "toothless" due to his grimace. As a Zen artist, Muchaku has captured the essence of Daruma, and shown it to us in the form of ink, brush, and paper.

About the Artist

Muchaku was a Soto Zen abbot. His dates are unknown.

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