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The voice of the spring late at night,
The mountain colors at sunset.
Respectully brushed and inscribed by Daikyu of Nanzen[-ji].


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Dimensions: 21.5x70

Purchase Ref #: 32

Gallery: Akai Daikyu

Scroll Notes: New mounting, on silk, perfect condition, radiant.


This kind of inscription identifies Daruma with buddha-nature. The world, if perceived correctly, is full of wondrous sounds and beautiful sights. In his meditation, Daruma immersed himself in nature, and his Zen insight sharpened his senses.

About the Artist

Akai Giyu was his formal name, but he signed all his art "Daikyu," his monastic name. Daikyu was born in Shimane Prefecture, and became a Zen acolyte at age six. He was abbot of Empuku-ji in Shiga Prefecture for some years, and then served as abbot of Nanzen-ji, one of the major Zen temples in Kyoto. Daikyu was quite skilled as an artist but works by him are rare.

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