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Everything Is Workable

A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution

SKU# 9781611802528

Online Course

This course has already begun, and enrollment is now closed. Sign up for our newsletter here for information on when this course will be offered again in the future.

Shambhala Publications | 06/05/2014
ISBN: 9781611802528

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NOTE: Additional discounts do not apply. This course is hosted by's Canvas, an online educational system. Once you purchase the course here on our site, you will receive an e-mail from with a link to log in to the course. If you already have an account with Canvas, log in at to access the course after purchasing your registration here. 

This course launches on June 5. Enrollment closes on June 19. This course can be completed in six weeks (with 1-2 hours per week of study and practice) but you can also go at your own pace as needed. After registering, you will have access to the course for six months. 

Conflict is going to be a part of your life—as long as you have relationships, a job, or dry cleaning to be picked up. Bracing yourself against it won’t make it go away, but if you approach it consciously, you can navigate it in a way that not only honors everyone involved but also makes it a source of deep insight.

In this online course, Diane Musho Hamilton—longtime Buddhist practitioner and professional mediator—teaches us how to resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise in all areas of life. You’ll learn to turn toward conflict rather than away from it, which will help you unlock the creative potential inherent in every difficult situation. You’ll develop an understanding of the three styles of conflict that we all possess, including their strengths and weaknesses. And you’ll be given the tools you need to begin practicing conflict resolution skills in your own life, with guidance from Diane Musho Hamilton and the support of the learning community.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Grow your confidence to work with conflict consciously
  • Understand your own conflict style and learn ways of engaging differently
  • Practice essential conflict skills like speaking in first person, listening, identifying interests, and generating creative options
  • Increase your capacity for curiosity and fearlessness when conflict arises

This online course is designed for anyone wanting to improve their conflict skills in order to support more authenticity and creativity in relationships. Managers, coaches, teachers, leaders of organizations or groups, and anyone interested in adult development will benefit from this course.

The course includes:

  • Six 20- to 30-minute lessons in audio or video format, which you can download or stream
  • Three hour-long live teleconference chats with Diane Musho Hamilton at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on June 21, July 5, and July 19. (Recordings will be made available after each event if you aren’t able to attend.)
  • A download of the eBook version of Everything Is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution
  • Guided meditation audio
  • Practices to help you embody the lessons in real time
  • Facilitated discussion forums for reflective inquiry
  • Self-assessment questions to deepen your understanding of the material
  • Bonus materials and supplemental reading
  • Class transcripts so that you can review the lessons in detail
  • Access to all course materials for six months

The course will begin on June 5, 2014.

News & Reviews

“Diane is a very special teacher. She has a true integral realization, nurtured by a deep Zen practice. Her transmission is sparking and alive, yet grounded and relevant to today’s living. Work with her if you get the chance!”—Jeff Salzman, Boulder Integral

“Diane is a very special person—compassionate, caring, and wise. Her facilitation and teaching skills are beyond question. I very much appreciate and recommend her timeless and yet timely integral Zen work.”—Lama Surya Das, Buddhist meditation master

“Diane is one of the most skilled, gifted, and compassionate facilitators I know. It’s a deep joy to work with her and to experience her brilliant applications of the Big Mind process.”—Swami Sally Kempton, spiritual teacher

“Diane is a gifted and profound facilitator. Just to be in her field is healing. Her capacity to lead a group is very gentle, and yet she is able to bring out broad perspectives from Big Mind to Deep Shadow. Her work is really transformative.”—Marcielo Cardoso, HR Director, Natura

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