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From Freud to Jung

A Comparative Study of the Psychology of the Unconscious

SKU# 9781570626760




C. G. Jung Foundation Books | 01/01/1990
Pages: 368 | Size: 6.00 x 9.00
ISBN: 9781570626760


This comparative study of the basic concepts of Freud and Jung is designed to give a comprehensive understanding of Jung's work. The author traces the development of Jung from his initial fascination with Freud's ideas to his gradual liberation from these powerful concepts and the final breakthrough into his own unique theories of man and the cosmos. Jung's fundamental view—that the psyche is a totality of conscious and unconscious elements that seeks to realize itself—stands in sharp contrast to Freud's early view of the psyche as primarily the effect of prior causes. Hence Freud tends to stress the pathological, whereas Jung looks to the creative and self-transcending aspects of human nature. The final section of the book describes the development of Jung's ideas after the death of Freud, particularly his concept of the archetypes.

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