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Making Love with Light

Contemplating Nature with Words and Photographs

  • by 
  • John Daido Loori

SKU# 9781590304860




Dharma Communications Books | 11/27/2007
Pages: 176 | Size: 8.50 x 9.50
ISBN: 9781590304860


This book of exquisite photographs arises from the premise that unless we love nature, we will not work to save it from exploitation and eventual destruction. The rich mixture of photographs, Zen poems, and essays presented on these pages is intended to open our hearts to the wild and the wilderness, and to direct us to the ways in which we can heal the earth.

The Zen master John Daido Loori, who is widely known for his efforts to make creative expression an integral part of spiritual practice, here inaugurates a new art form: Zen photography. It’s a modern continuation of an ancient tradition that looks to art as an expression of the enlightened mind. The camera thus becomes a contemporary version of the Zen brush, as Loori captures moments of exceptional, unrepeatable beauty. Each image is a seed for contemplation.

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“Just as ancient Zen painters expressed the truth of reality with sparse strokes of the brush, Zen Master Loori captures the unfathomable mystery of our mind and love of the wilderness in extraordinary photographs of ordinary nature. Making Love with Light pioneers the new genre of Zen photography with profound and touching images and penetrating words.”—Kazuaki Tanahashi, author of Brush Mind

“These photographs and poems speak powerfully to our ‘wild intelligence.’ John Daido Loori has created a feast for the senses and an invitation into the depth of mystery embracing all life forms. This is a book to treasure, to savor, and to transform our lives.”—Mary Evelyn Taylor, coeditor of Buddhism and Ecology

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