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Nature Daruma

This is the natural result!
Chief Abbot Donge, A venerable 82-years old,
Jiho's Zen master name; he always used it as a signature on his art.


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Dimensions: 16.5x77

Purchase Ref #: 256

Gallery: Sugawara Jiho

Scroll Notes: New mounting, with wooden box, perfect condition. A great Zen scroll.


This is a delightful little Daruma in Jiho's distinctive style. The painting tells us: practice Zen sincerely and, sooner or later, enlightenment will blossom and bear much fruit.

About the Artist

Jiho was ordained a monk at age eighteen. He trained under many of the top Zen masters of the time, including Tekisui (Yamaoka Tesshu's Zen master) and eventually became a Dharma-heir of Mokurai, abbot of Kennin-ji in Kyoto, and an important figure in modern Zen history. In 1963, Jiho was appointed Abbot of ancient Kencho-ji in Kamakura, one of the oldest Zen temples in Japan. Jiho wrote a book entitled Seventy Years of Floating and Sinking in the Sea of Zen, and he was a prolific Zen artist.

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