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The Art of Ground Fighting

Principles and Techniques

SKU# 9780834804968




Weatherhill | 03/01/2002
Pages: 208 | Size: 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 9780834804968


This illuminating work outlines the essential principles and techniques that define the art of ground fighting in most martial arts. More than 1,200 outstanding photographs introduce over 195 practical techniques encompassing all types of ground skills: chokes, head locks, joint locks, pins, ground kicks, sacrifice techniques, and defenses and counters from seated, reclining, and kneeling positions. Comprehensive introductory chapters provide an authoritative overview of important technical principles, East Asian energetic concepts, and 109 fundamental skills encompassing body positions, stances, footwork, ground movement, transitional movement, and common methods of tumbling and falling. Precise anatomical illustrations and descriptions of 106 common Oriental pressure points, and a visual comparison of different martial arts, make this an invaluable resource for all martial styles.

Expertly written and designed by the author of the 1,136-page Hapkido—widely acclaimed as the most comprehensive book ever written on a single martial art—this exceptional work is designed to stand alone, or function as a companion text with the author's other works on martial techniques and anatomy. Regardless of the style you practice, these books will enrich your training, improve your technique, and deepen your understanding of the unique qualities embodied in your own martial art.

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