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The Extremely Secret Dakini of Naropa

Vajrayogini Practice and Commentary

SKU# 9781559393867


This book is now available only through Dechen Ling Press.

Snow Lion
ISBN: 9781559393867


This book is now available only through Dechen Ling Press.

The Extremely Secret Dakini of Naropa is the commentary to the practice of Vajrayogini in the Naro Kacho lineage composed by Kyabje Pabongkha as revealed to him directly by Vajrayogini herself. This text has become the basis for almost every subsequent Vajrayogini commentary in the Gelug tradition. Kyabje Pabongkha’s commentary is both very thorough in its presentation and deeply inspiring. It provides rich detail about all eleven yogas of the generation stage, the transference of consciousness, tsok offering, left-sided conduct, and many other auxiliary practices, making it essential for practitioners of Vajrayogini. There is also a stunning explanation of the completion stage providing many extraordinarily profound methods unique to the practice of Vajrayogini because of its relationship to the Six Yogas of Naropa. The second half of the book contains several sadhanas for the practice of Vajrayogini including six-session guru yoga as well as two sadhanas on the transference of consciousness.

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"I strongly recommend authorized practitioners to study this."—Gelek Rimpoche

"David Gonsalez provides a great service in presenting English renditions of Pabongkha’s writings on the Vajrayogini tradition the most wondrous Sakya lineage known as Naro Khachoma or 'Naropa’s Space Dancer.' This tantric method has been used for centuries by lamas of Himalayas, India, Mongolia, and Tibet as part of the dream yoga training as well as for the trainings in bardo yoga and powa, or 'blasting to a pure land at the moment of death.' In brief, the Vajrayogini tradition has played a most integral role in the enlightenment of thousands of practitioners of Central Asia. There is no doubt that it will continue to do so in the West where Tantric Buddhism is so quickly gaining momentum."—Glenn Mullin, author of Living in the Face of Death

"I am confident that David's sincere motivation and knowledge to make these tantric practices available in English will be of great value to those who are earnest practitioners of Venerable Vajrayogini."—Sharpa Tulku

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