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The Wisdom of No Escape

And the Path of Loving-Kindness

SKU# 9781590307939




Shambhala Library | 03/30/2010
Pages: 176 | Size: 4.25 x 6.75
ISBN: 9781590307939


It’s possible to say yes to life in all its manifestations, Pema Chödrön teaches—by embracing all the happiness and suffering, all the intelligence and confusion that are a natural part of our existence. Doing so opens a wellspring of courage and love within our hearts. In this gift edition of her first book, Pema presents traditional Buddhist wisdom that anyone can relate to.

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"The Wisdom of No Escape offers down-to-earth guidance in cultivating basic sanity and befriending ourselves in the venerable tradition of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche."—Yoga Journal

"Here’s a woman who embodies her message. She speaks from genuine connection to the source."—Helen Palmer, author of The Enneagram

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