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[Daruma] came from the West to the East.
He faced the wall at his cave in Shorin [Shaolin].
Like this, one flower had five petals.
Everything unfolded just as it should.He aimed right for the target and hit the mark!
Year of the Fire Dog [1887].


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Dimensions: 12.5x63

Purchase Ref #: 2363

Gallery: Ashizu Sekiren

Scroll Notes: Wooden box, original mounting, good condition.


This an intriguing Daruma portrait pained in Sekiren's unique style.

About the Artist

Ashizu Sekiren was one of the most eccentric and colorful Buddhist monks of the modern period. He was originally a Tendai monk, a well-known scholar who represented that school of Japanese Buddhism at the famous 1893 World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. Later Sekiren switched to Rinzai Zen and became abbot of Eigen-ji while continuing to advocate the essential unity of all Buddhist sects. He was also a good friend of the swordsman and Zen master Yamaoka Tesshu. Sekiren was an excellent artist who produced a number of finely executed scrolls graced with both insight and humor.

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