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Shakyo Kannon

She possesses all merit, looking down on sentient beings with eyes of compassion;

She is able to manifest herself anywhere to save anyone. 

 Brushed by Monk Eiju of Zensho-ji.


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Dimensions: 82 in x 18.5 in

Purchase Ref #: 4191

Gallery: Eiju Zenshoji

Scroll Notes: Excellent condition, original mounting, with box signed by the artist and dated "November 28, 1963." This is an impressive example of shakyo.


The entire painting is created out of tiny characters repeating the text, "Ten Verse Praise of Kannon." (This practice is known as shakyo, "sutra copying.") In Buddhist art, a small child is often depicted searching for Kannon, as we see here. Children that were stillborn, aborted, or died young are believed to be caught in a kind of limbo until saved by Kannon (or Jizo). 

About the Artist

Eiju (twentieth century) was abbot of Zensho-ji Temple in Gifu Prefecture.

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