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Who said, "My heart is like the autumn moon?" Gyodo [with cipher].


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Dimensions: 16.5x42

Purchase Ref #: 2055

Gallery: Furukawa Gyodo

Scroll Notes: Simple original mounting with wooden box. Some creasing but otherwise good condition


"My heart is like the autumn moon" is a famous line from one of Cold Mountain's poems. It is often used as an accompanying inscription on moon/mind enso but sometimes Zen masters make it into a questionó"How is my/your mind the same (or different) from that of Cold Mountain?" The brushwork here is soft and bright.

About the Artist

Furukawa Gyodo was born in Shimane Prefecture. He trained under a variety of Zen masters, including Shaku Soen and Nantembo. Gyodo became Soen's Dharma heir and eventually succeeded his master as abbot of Engaku-ji in Kamakura. In 1931, Gyodo went to the United States to help establish Zen in that country, but illness compelled him to return to Japan early the next year. He served again as abbot of Engaku-ji, and then lived in retirement for some years.

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