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Side View Daruma

The wind blows through a single pine.
[signed] Reikai Dojin


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Dimensions: 17.5x74

Purchase Ref #: 2349

Gallery: Reikai Genyu

Scroll Notes: Wooden box, new mounting, excellent condition.


This is a humorous portrait of Wall-Gazing Daruma from the side. A Wall-Gazing Daruma is often portrayed as having a rock like body as we see here.

About the Artist

Reikai was a Soto Zen monk, abbot of Ryoun-ji in the hot-springs town of Hanamaki in Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan. Like many Soto Zen priests, Reikai was a good scholar but he was also a talented artist. After his temple burned down, Reikai began brushing Darumas to raise money for rebuilding. He also did portraits of Kannon, the Goddess of Compassion, and a few of Hotei, the vagabond Zen master. Reikai used a different inscription for each of his Darumas, which is highly unusual and creative. Reikai's Zen paintings are distinctive, suffused with warmth and humor. His work is among the most distinctive of twentieth-century Zen artists.

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