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No dependence on world or letters;
A separate transmission outside the scriptures!
[Brushed] at Zensho-an [the temple Tesshu founded in Tokyo]
(signed) Tesshu Fujiwara.


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Dimensions: 17x57

Purchase Ref #: 2366

Gallery: Yamaoka Tesshu

Scroll Notes: Wooden box, new mounting, excellent condition.


The inscription is the first two lines of the Zen battle cry. The next two verses—"[Zen] points directly to the human heart, / See inside and become Buddha"— are not written but represented by the portrait of Daruma.

About the Artist

In terms of output and quality, Tesshu was the greatest of samurai Zen artists. He was a master of the sword, the brush, and Zen and, although he died at the young age of fifty-two, he produced well over a million pieces of Zen art. He ranks as one of the finest calligraphers in Asia, and his work is treasured.

See The Sword of No-Sword by John Stevens (Shambhala, 2001) for a complete biography of this martial-arts hero.

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