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Direct mind is the pure wind! (signed) The old fellow Zuisho* *Hoshu's Zen master name

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Dimensions: 17x75

Purchase Ref #: 2034

Gallery: Furunaka Hoshu

Scroll Notes: Original mounting but in excellent condition. With wooden box. An unusual and interesting Daruma portrait.


Both the inscription and the Daruma are unusual and creative: instead of the customary "Direct mind is the dojo (place to practice)," Hoshu made the dojo something more concrete, the pure wind that all of us have experienced. The Daruma is angular and stares at us sharply.

About the Artist

Hoshu was born in Akita Prefecture in the north of Japan. He became a Zen acolyte at age nine, and eventually the Dharma-heir of the illustrious master Seki Rozan. Hoshu served as president of Rinzai Daigaku in Kyoto, and then Primate of the Myoshin-ji Branch of Rinzai. Hoshu was a skilled and creative Zen artist.

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