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He comes and goes hundreds of times, so how can you meet him?
Respectfully inscribed by Priest Toin on February 20, Taisho 15 [1925]
(Painting sealed by Hoten)


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Dimensions: 16x74

Purchase Ref #: 2370

Gallery: Iida Toin

Scroll Notes: Wooden box, new mounting, excellent condition.


Daruma seems to be sitting still but his inner Zen nature is always moving, so he cannot be pinned down with words. This is actually true of all of us—we are never quite like what we think we are.

About the Artist

Colorful Iida Toin was a well-known physician who spent all of his off-duty time studying Zen of all styles. Although he was a longtime student of Nantembo, receiving Dharma transmission from that Rinzai Zen master, Toin trained equally as long under many top Soto Zen masters. Toin was eventually ordained a Soto Zen priest at sixty. His Zen brushwork is particularly creative and unpredictable.

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