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One flower opens five leaves appear; all things are accomplished naturally.
Restpectfully brushed by Shunryu of Seikyo-ji, Jakutan Shunryu was abbot number twenty-five of Seikyo-ji.



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Dimensions: 25x43

Purchase Ref #: 2021

Gallery: Jakutan Shunryu

Scroll Notes: Original mounting in good condition with some slight worm damage. An interesting Daruma by one of the best of the Soto Zen artists.


The inscription means, "Open the flower of your mind, and enlightenment will naturally bloom." This is Daruma's Zen teaching. The brushstrokes here are lively and dynamic, and seem to bring Daruma to life.

About the Artist

Jakutan was a Soto Zen abbot. Jakutan did both calligraphy and painting. He is well-known for his interesting and expressive portraits of Daruma.

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