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Flowing water blue and blue, billowing clouds thick and thick;
Transmission of the Law is this, in the peaks and valleys.
Painted and inscribed by the man of the Way Nanshin, Mukai's Zen-master name.


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Dimensions: 22x81

Purchase Ref #: 8

Gallery: Kono Mukai

Scroll Notes: Original mounting, good condition, with wooden box; rich ink tones, fine brushwork, an excellent Zen scroll.


One meaning of Zen is to perceive the buddha-nature that is all around us; in water and clouds, in peaks and valleys. Daruma is not just found in caves or meditation halls; he exists everywhere if we look hard enough.

About the Artist

Mukai was born in Aichi Prefecture. He became a Zen acolyte at age nine. Mukai entered Hanazono University as a student, and trained in Zen under the master Toyoda Dokutan. In 1903, Mukai became head monk at Nanzen-ji in Kyoto, and later in 1909, primate of the entire Nanzen-ji branch of Rinzai Zen. Mukai was quite strict when formally training but also greatly enjoyed traveling incognito whenever he could. Mukai was well known for his Daruma paintings, male and female—he often painted Daruma as a lovely lady.

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