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[Daruma] spent nine years in his cave;
He pacified the Second Patriarch's mind,
Revealing the Zen mind that functions everywhere.
There is only one truth,
The original mind found in the wind,
Flowers, snow, and moon.
Painted and inscribed by the mountain monk.


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Dimensions: 18.8x55.5

Purchase Ref #: 2120

Gallery: Itten Tokai

Scroll Notes: Original mounting, good condition.


This is a classic Zen Daruma with a good inscription. The Second Patriarch (Eka) stood in the snow for ages seeking Daruma's teachings, going so far as to cut off his arm and offer it to the Patriarch. When Daruma finally let him in his cave, Eka asked, "Please pacify my mind." Daruma said, "Bring me your mind and I will pacify it." Eka replied, "I have searched for my mind, and cannot find it anywhere." Daruma told him "See, your mind is pacified." (Case 41 of the Mumonkan.) One's mind is the same as the Buddha-mind found everywhere, in the wind, flowers, snow, and moon.

About the Artist

Although Tokai Itten, a Soto Zen abbot, lived in remote Hokkaido, he had many followers all over the country, including one Japanese prime minister. Itten was known for his distinctive portraits of Daruma.

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