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[Daruma] has come to give us a strong dose of medicine: Human beings pass freely between life and death;
Realize this and will you will attain bliss! Respectfully painted and inscribed in the autumnof Kaei 5, Year of the Water Rat [1852]on Wisdom W



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Dimensions: 14.5x70

Purchase Ref #: 2142

Gallery: Jimmyo Kakugan

Scroll Notes: Original mounting, good condition.


This type of zenga is known as "left-side Daruma" because it is brushed †on the left side of the paper facing to the right (from the viewer's perspective) rather than the more common, right-facing portrayals of the Patriarch.

About the Artist

Kakugan Jimmyo was a Soto Zen abbot. He became a Zen acolyte at age nine. As was common in the Soto Zen school, Jimmyo served as chief priest at several temples, moving from place to place, and he founded Hannyarin Fukusho-ji in Harima. Jimmyo was well known in his day as an accomplished Zen artist, especially for his trademark portraits of Daruma.

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