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One strong horseruns for a thousand leagues!
Showa Horse Fire Year [1966] Zuigan Goun.


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Dimensions: 14x46

Purchase Ref #: 271

Gallery: Kato Goun

Scroll Notes: New mounting, with wooden box, excellent condition. Painted with light color. A wonderful small Zen scroll.


Like many Zen abbots, Goun brushed Zenga of the animals of the Asian zodiac to be distrubuted to his friends and patrons at the beginning of the new year. This Zen stallion was brushed for the Year of the Horse. The scroll suggests: "Always be as frisky as a young stallion, and you will never tire of your duties in the coming year (and the rest of your life)."

About the Artist

Kato (Ruyuho) Goun was long-time abbot of Zuigan-ji, a lovely old Rinzai temple in Matsushima, one of the most beautiful places in Japan. His calligraphy is prized by connoisseurs of the tea ceremony.

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