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Shinto Rooster

(signed) Hidemaru

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Dimensions: 5x17

Purchase Ref #: 290

Gallery: Deguchi Hidemaru

Scroll Notes: Excellent condition, mounted on a traditional tanzaku board.


Hidemaru specialized in creating images with a bare minimum of brushstrokes, in a simple style even more spare than that of a Zen artist. Hidemaru's work is extraordinarily lucid and pure. This Zen rooster is announcing the break of day, a day to look forward to and enjoy completely.

About the Artist

Deguchi Hidemaru was one of the early leaders of the Omoto-kyo spiritual movement. He was a friend and an advisor to Ueshiba Morihei, the founder of Aikido. Hidemaru was imprisoned for four years during the supression of the Omoto-kyo in WWII, and severely tortured. As a consequence, Hidemaru had a nervous breakdown, and lived in quiet retirement after his release from prison at the end of the War. Hidemaru devoted the rest of his long-life to the fine arts--poetry, pottery making, painting, and calligraphy. Hidemaru's brushwork is especially admired for its purity and simplicity.

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