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Dream Pair

[right] DREAM The old fellow Kan'un  [Shizan's Zen-master name], age 93.
[left] DREAM The old fellow Kan'un age 101.


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Dimensions: 12.5x17.25

Purchase Ref #: 2140

Gallery: Ashikaga Shizan

Scroll Notes: Two calligraphy boards simply framed, good condition. Can be keep together or displayed separately equally well.


Two equally beautiful calligraphies of the the character YUME, "Dream," by the venerable Ashikaga Shizan. While the age 93 DREAM is still robust, the age 101 DREAM, done just before Shizan's passing, seems to be quietly drifting off into the void.

About the Artist

Ashikaga Shizan was born in Aichi Prefecture and became a Zen acolyte at the age of eight. He trained under many of the illustrious masters of his day and served as abbot of Tesshu-jióa temple restored by Yamoka Tesshuóin Shizuoka. In 1927, Shizan was appointed head of the Hoko-ji branch of Rinzai Zen, and later he also served as the first chief abbot of all thirteen branches of Rinzai Zen. Shizan wrote many popular books on Zen, and was also known for his social activism; he helped establish a number of welfare institutions.

Zen brushwork by Shizan was in big demand. He was a creative artist with a distinctive Zen style who produced many outstanding pieces in his long and eventful life.

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