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Tipsy, Tipsy
Tree Leaves


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Dimensions: 16.5x12

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Gallery: Santoka Taneda

Scroll Notes: Orignally a page from an album so it has a barely perceptible fold line in the center. Otherwise, excellent condition, ready for framing. A fine example of one Santoka's most well-known haiku.


This is one of Santoka's most famous verses. The first line—"Tipsy, tipsy drunk"—means that Santoka himself is intoxicated, of course, but it also means that Santoka feels that the falling leaves, floating here and there, are tipsy as well.The entire verse paints a picture of Santoka joyfully, and unsteadily, walking amid the falling leaves of autumn. None of Santoka's works are sealed—he was too poor to own a set of hanko.

About the Artist

Taneda Santoka is perhaps the most famous of the 20th century free-style haiku poets. He spent most of his life wandering, drinking, and writng haiku. In his last years, Santoka was a beggar-monk associated with the Soto Zen school. Mountain Tasting: Zen Haiku by Santoka (Weatherhill, 1980) by John Stevens discusses Santoka's life and haiku.

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