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[BOAR] Its nostrils flared, charging straight ahead!
When its tusks strike something it as if heaven and earth are torn to pieces!
Brushed in the year of the Metal Boar by Sahen of Higashiyama (Mokurai's pen name).


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Dimensions: 15 x 69

Purchase Ref #: 3122

Gallery: Takeda Mokurai

Scroll Notes: Original mounting, good condition, no box.


Charge! Like a boar, move resolutely with determination, not letting anything deter you on your Zen path.

About the Artist

Mokurai (Silent Thunder) became a monk at an early age and trained under many of the top Zen masters of the day. He became abbot of Kyoto's Kennin-ji, one of the oldest and most important Zen temples, in 1892 at the age of thirty-nine. Noted for his humor and unconventional behavior, Mokurai was one of the most popular Zen masters of the early twentieth century, and he was also a skilled and prolific Zen artist.

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