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Zen Fish

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Dimensions: 15x51.5

Purchase Ref #: 1920

Gallery: Paul Reps

Scroll Notes: Newly restored and remounted, perfect condition, with wooden box. An unusal and intriguing Zen scroll by one of the fathers of Zen in the Western world.


This is a Zenga poem/painting by the author of the classic Zen Flesh, Zen Bones with the accompanying inscription written in English. It is asking, "Who did this fish painting?" "Who is Reps?" "Where is this fish going!" The painting is sealed with a chop reading "empty."

About the Artist

Paul Reps (1895-1990) studied Buddhism for many years in India and Japan. A renowned poet, he was largely responsible for introducing the haiku form into English, along with poem/paiintings. Reps was author of many books.

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