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Zen Ram

Showa Wood Ram New Day [=1955]
(signed) Bokuo


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Dimensions: 10.75x9.5

Purchase Ref #: 297

Gallery: Seki Bokuo

Scroll Notes: Excellent condition, mounted on a traditional calligraphy board.


Bokuo was well-known for brushing Zen paintings on New Year's Day for distribution to his patrons. This was done for the Year of the Ram.

About the Artist

Seki Bokuo was born in Gunma prefecture. He was Dharma-Heir of Seki Seisetsu and spent many years as Zen master and abbot of Tenryu-ji, a major Rinzai temple in Kyoto. Bokuo wrote numerous books on different aspects of Zen training, and he was a prolific, and talented, Zen artist.

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