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Zen Skull

How pitiful it seems, the skull lying exposed on an unknown riverbank;
Yet this person was once known as Mistress of the Dream Boudoir!
Brushed by Tesshu Koho.


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Dimensions: 18.5x75

Purchase Ref #: 2365

Gallery: Yamaoka Tesshu

Scroll Notes: Wooden box, new mounting, perfect condition. Wonderful example of Tesshu's signature zenga theme.


Or in other words, "What a ride!" Tesshu's motto was "Live completely, die completely."

About the Artist

In terms of output and quality, Tesshu was the greatest of samurai Zen artists. He was a master of the sword, the brush, and Zen and, although he died at the young age of fifty-two, he produced well over a million pieces of Zen art. He ranks as one of the finest calligraphers in Asia, and his work is treasured.

See The Sword of No-Sword by John Stevens (Shambhala, 2001) for a complete biography of this martial-arts hero.

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