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Zen Rooster

As soon as the night seems to brighten,
The rooster cries out!
Brushed by Eigen Ryoten, Yuho's Zen-master name.


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Dimensions: 13.5x59.5

Purchase Ref #: 237

Gallery: Seki Yuho

Scroll Notes: New mounting, with wooden box, excellent condition. A nice, bright little Zen scroll.


Roosters are important birds in Japanese culture, associated with the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, and in general their cry is believed to herald the dawn, the beginning of a new day. In Zen art, the rooster's cry reminds us, "Every day is a good day." Brushed by Eigen Ryoten, Yuho's Zen-master name.

About the Artist

Seki Yuho was born in Fukuoka. He became abbot of the major Zen temple Eigenji in 1956, and frequently traveled overseas to give instruction in Zen. Yuho wrote a number of books, including one entitled Die Once, and You Won't Die Again. He was a proflic Zen artist, both calligraphy and painting.

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