A Resource Guide to the Treasury of Precious Instructions


The Treasury of Precious Instructions or Dam-ngak Rinpoché Dzö is one of Jamgön Kongtrul’s Five Treasuries, his major collections of writing. It is considered one of the most important contributions to Tibetan literature and a further statement of Jamgön Kongtrul's non-sectarian values. This Treasury contains the collected transmissions and esoteric instructions of the eight principal practice lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, which trace their lineages back to India. These eight lineages of accomplishment (one model of classifying the practice traditions of Tibet) are encompassed  in 18 volumes. This collection was compiled in roughly chronological order as the traditions developed:

Nyingma - Two Volumes
Kadampa Tradition - Two Volumes
Sakya Path & Result - Two Volumes
Marpa Kagyu - Four Volumes
Shangpa Kagyu - Two Volumes
Pacification & Severance - Two Volumes
Kalacakra & Orgyen Nyendrup - One Volume
Miscellaneous Teachings - Two Volumes
Jonang Tradition & Catalog - One Volume

Publishing Plan

We are publishing the volumes nonsequentially and releases will spread out over the next few years. 

Resource Guide: An Overview

A History of the Collection

High Quality Recordings of the Video Workshop: A great way to really immerse yourself in this work!

Download the catalog describing in great detail the 18 volumes

A Reader's Guide to the Works of Jamgon Kongtrul

Ringu Tulku discusses the importance of Treasury of Precious Instructions

Translating the Tibetan
While not focused exclusively on the Treasury, this session preceded the workshop and touches on the work repeatedly. This will be of interest for any pracittioner, not just translators.

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