Amy and Gully with Aliens

Amy and Gully with Aliens

By W. W. Rowe
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ISBN: 9781559397841
In this adventure story, two kids are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Amy and Gully manage to outwit their captors—only to realize that they may have made things worse. But appearances prove deceptive. Amy and Gully learn about the interconnectedness of all life, selfless compassion, and the power of pure intention. This is an independent sequel to Amy and Gully in Rainbowland.
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"Amy and Gully with Aliens is about compassion, interconnectedness, and pure intention. But don't let the loftiness of that give you the impression this book isn't juicy enough for the nine to twelve set. In this fast-paced adventure story, Amy and Gully are taken hostage on a flying saucer. They manage to outsmart the aliens-only to discover they may have made things worse." —Shambhala Sun

"The Amy and Gully books are an imaginative way to get across to young children and even teenagers the beauty of happiness, kindness, love, and good deeds. They are written in a way that engages the readers, showing a spirit of adventure which is always entrancing and fun. I know the stories will affect all readers, whatever age, and make them think twice about being nasty or selfish. They certainly had that effect on me." —Mandala Magazine, Editor's Choice

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