Art Rules! (And How to Break Them)

How to Think like a Modern Artist
Edited by Mel Gooding
 - MixedMedia


Shambhala Redstone Editions
Size: 8 x 5.75
ISBN: 9781590308400
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Art making is for everyone, including you. Let this liberating tenet of modern art inspire you to discover and reclaim your creative birthright, even if it’s been repressed by a conventional education. Art Rules! shows how to be your own modern artist by revealing the secret: that art is a game—with techniques, rules, and strategies—and it’s a game that everyone can play!

Discover new ways to look at the world and to express what you find there. Art Rules! frees your mind and heart to make art like all the other modern artists do. It includes:

  • A 64-page booklet, “Modern Art: Inside Out,” that will help you gain an insider’s understanding of how the modern art world works and how to understand it; and
  • 42 interactive cards that encourage you to try modern art techniques yourself—including collage, photographic games, picture poems, surrealist games, and more.

This boxed set offers a completely new way to understand and enjoy modern art: it answers the questions “What is modern art?” and “How does it work?” and shows you how to create it yourself. There is nothing else like it.

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