Making Love Last

Making Love Last

How to Sustain Intimacy and Nurture Genuine Connection

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Shambhala Audio
ISBN: 9781590308561

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Intimacy is one of the great powers and joys of life, yet all too often it gets clouded by miscommunication, a loss of affection, and a lack of mutual support. Here therapist David Richo shows us how to use mindfulness to better understand ourselves and our partners so that we can:
Increase our capacity to give and receive love by recognizing how our past relationships affect our current life
Improve physical and emotional intimacy by embracing the five hallmarks of loving relationships
Resolve conflicts by constructively working with anger, grief, and blame
Move from needy, ego-centered love to unconditional love by addressing fears of engulfment or abandonment
Discover how relationships can be a path to spiritual awakening by practicing mindfulness and loving-kindness

3 hours

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"David Richo's rich understanding of romantic relationships ties adult connection problems to childhood losses. His formulations sound more profound and soothing—more heart-centered and Buddha-like—than standard social science. With his vocal sincerity and warm connection with his live audience obvious throughout the recording, this is a presentation that people in all committed relationships can savor and grow with." —AudioFile

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