The Stars Within You

A Modern Guide to Astrology
By Juliana McCarthy
 - Paperback



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Pages: 288
Size: 5.5 x 8.25
ISBN: 9781611805116
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The stars are out there; they have something to tell you. Here are the tools you need to listen.

Astrology is the wisdom of the stars. A mystical and ancient science, it is a powerful tool for discovering our authentic selves in this wild world. The Stars Within You is a practical guide for self-exploration. Want to know what brings you contentment? Delve into your moon sign. What kind of first impression do you make? Tap into your rising sign. Who is your ideal partner and why? Look to the placement of your houses.

Understand your complexities, gifts, and karma with clear instruction on reading and interpreting your own birth chart. You will even learn how to read charts for friends and family, illuminating their unique gifts and inner workings. Astrology equips us to forge deeper, more meaningful relationshipos. It is who we are, how we love, and what we have to offer the world.

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"Juliana helps us discover our mastery and master our discovery." —Chan Marshall, Cat Power

"A fresh perspective on the fundamentals of astrology." —Bustle

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