I Love Birds!

52 Ways to Wonder, Wander, and Explore Birds with Kids
By Jennifer Ward
 - Paperback


Pages: 192
Size: 5 x 8.25
ISBN: 9781611804157

Prowl for owls by ear, discover the science of feathers, and become familiar with the birds in your neighborhood and beyond—52 activities for kids ages 4 to 8

Calling all birders! It’s time to share the joy of birds with the kids in your life. I Love Birds! is chock-full of activities, information, and rich resources that will fuel discovery and inspire families. Through sensory, hands-on, and creative explorations that involve birding basics and the hows and whys of bird behavior, the activities here will engage children’s imagination and sense of wonder as they observe birds in the wild, become citizen scientists, and forge a deeper understanding, appreciation, and stewardship toward nature, our planet, and all things feathery.

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"Jennifer Ward’s I Love Birds! is a fantastic book to get kids interested in wild birds and the natural world all around them." —Dave Mizejewski, spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation

"Kids will be captivated by the outdoor experiences in I Love Birds! It’s a perfect fit for parents and teachers looking for ways to engage children in STEM activities." —Amy Weeks, director, St. Louis Audubon Society

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