Diversity, Inclusion & Equity at Shambhala

As an organization, we are guided by our core value to publish works that are timeless, authentic, and transformational, and our aim is that those works can lead to a more uplifted and enlightened society. We are keenly aware that many individuals and communities are routinely marginalized, underrepresented, and harmed in the realms that we publish in, including spiritual communities, the areas of health and wellness, as well as in the book publishing industry itself. As a company, we are currently undergoing a process of deep reflection and committed action to examine our practices, acknowledge our responsibility, and work for equity and positive change—within our staff, our authors, our readers, and our world.

We believe that:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Spiritual wisdom can be of benefit to many and should be made accessible to all who wish to study the teachings
  • Achieving racial equity requires active, rather than passive, choices
  • As a publisher, we are a cultural touchstone, and we have a responsibility to promote awareness and advocacy around intersections of identity and power

To that end, we at Shambhala Publications make the following commitments, to each other and to our community:

  • We will remain actively engaged in ongoing education and training for our staff:
    • Our executive team has participated in a Building Racial Equity training.
    • We are holding an ongoing conversations series with our staff on topics related to antiracism and intersectional equity, and we will also work with professional racial equity trainers.
  • We will increase our efforts to seek out and work with authors, illustrators, and freelancers from underrepresented groups.
  • We are open to feedback and conversation to hold ourselves accountable and evolve in ways to better support and amplify the voices of people of color. If you have feedback or ideas, please contact the Shambhala Committee for Antiracism Action and Intersectional Equity (SCAAIE) at feedback@shambhala.com
  • We will actively look at ways to recruit and welcome people from marginalized communities onto our staff, as well as investigate company culture to create an equitable and inclusive environment.


For more on this, please read the statement from Shambhala Publications owners Sara and Ivan Bercholz, We Stand Together.