A Deeper Village Experience Yoga Retreat in Yelapa Mexico with Baxter Bell

January 20–27, 2018  |  Sky Temple
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I am very excited to announce my 2018 Mexico retreat- “A Deeper Village Experience!”- as we will be interacting more deeply with the local village of Yelapa than in years past. After arriving in Yelapa, each day will include a morning and late afternoon yoga class designed to be accessible to students of all levels, including those very new to yoga. We will play with how the yoga practice is valuable as a tool for healthy aging, how it fosters community, and how it connects to the world we live in. And we will have a great deal of fun along the way!

The Deeper Village Experience Yoga Retreat is held in a unique setting. You will enjoy the combination of a beautiful sacred space to practice yoga, immersion in tropical beauty and being part of village life. Combining yoga, walking, hiking, ocean, river, tropical nature and being part of this Mexican village life affirms Yoga’s ultimate theme of Oneness.

The Sky Temple offers a beautiful view of both the ocean and the jungle. The mountainside setting holds both expansive views with the wonderful sounds of the constant lap of the ocean and the sights and songs of tropical birds enjoying the trees surrounding the studio. The Sky Temple was built with the intention of creating a sacred space deeply connected to nature for yogi’s to enjoy.

For more info visit www.yogainyelapa.com.

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