Awake at Work with Michael Carroll

October 22-26, 2017  |  1440 Multiversity
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Most of us spend a good amount of our time working. And, for many of us, our professional lives can often feel like an unruly journey—sometimes exhilarating, sometimes discouraging; at times creatively fulfilling, at others tragically toxic. Our modern-day livelihoods, indeed our lives in general, seem to offer a mix of enthusiasm and chaos that at times can feel distressing, even alarming.

What is it about our work that seems so unhealthy? Is it the job that is distressing or is it the mind that we bring to the task?

This week, join Michael Carroll, a meditation teacher and former corporate executive, and learn:

  • Mindfulness meditation to help you bring an open, courageous, and agile mind to your work
  • How present-moment awareness transforms hassles into valuable opportunities for growth
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