Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche at Garrison Institute, NY

August 25-30, 2017  |  Garrison Institute, New York

August 25 - 30

Knowing the Nature of Mind

The Buddha teaches us that we each possess, as our true nature, a pure, all-encompassing wisdom far more profound than we can possibly imagine. Through the practice of Dzogchen, we can come to recognize that unimpeded nature and embody our innate compassionate essence. The purpose of the retreat, designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, is to introduce us to this natural state of mind, a state that has always been with us. Rinpoche will impart simple, yet powerful, guidance that will allow us to train, step by step, in unfolding our innate essence. The Garrison Institute provides a perfect setting for this intensive Dzogchen meditation retreat which will allow retreat participants to be able to bring this practice to life in their everyday experience.

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