DOWN TO THE MARROW: Sit, Walk, Write - with Natalie Goldberg

September 13-17, 2017  |  Upaya Zen Center
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As summer fades and autumn begins, the month of September invites us to gather our harvesting tools, and transition into a place of discovering the crops of our experience. This Down to the Marrow retreat encourages us to till deep into our life’s earth, smell the bones of our personal history, and taste the sweetness or bitterness of what lies within. We sit, slow walk, do plenty of timed writings and hold book discussions. We cultivate a field of kindness toward ourselves and our imperfect lives so that we can write what disturbs us, what we fear, what we have not been willing to speak about—what we really thought/think about our fathers, the guilt of not measuring up to a lover’s expectations, our lifelong desire for approval, our great pleasure in summer, our need to see the world clearly before we go and realize moment by moment matters, even this cup of tea is the whole universe.

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