Global Mindfulness Summit with Ringu Tulku

February 23–25, 2018  |  Sri Lanka Foundation Auditorium | Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Purpose of the Summit:

  •  Sharing the experience of Sati Pasala (or mindfulness in schools), and describing its evolution into a national program

  • To broad-base the understanding on mindfulness, and its role in addressing currently prevalent problems, in Sri Lanka and globally.

  • Is mindfulness a tool for preventing conflict, chaos and complexities? Will it address the proximate causes of these problems, through transformation of the human mind and the brain?

  • To create partnerships & form broad networks: inter-nation, inter-cultural, inter-ethnic & inter-religious, to discuss the role of mindfulness as a foundation for social harmony, environmental protection and for basic fulfillment.

  • To reiterate mindfulness as a core teaching of the Buddha, and to emphasize the need to propagate mindfulness as an essential part of Buddhist training

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