Hitbodedut: Cultivating Spontaneous Conversations with God with Rabbi David Jaffe

December 3–29, 2017  |  Online Module

According to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, hitbodedut–talking spontaneously with God–every day is the most powerful path to spiritual growth. Over these four weeks we will try out this potent practice, starting with small amounts of time and building each week. Daily assignments will explore preparing to speak; setting intentions, time, and space for practice; and closing a session. We will address what it means to have a conversation when you are not sure whom you are speaking to or if there is any conversation partner at all! Related practices will include turning Torah into Prayer, a particular technique for connecting the mind and the heart to transform action. A month of hitbodedut has the power to open the heart, clarify priorities, increase awareness of our soul’s desire, and strengthen our connection with God. Hitbodedut is not designed to take the place of liturgical prayer, but it can have a profound influence on the quality of our more formal prayer lives, as well.

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