How Yoga Keeps Your Brain Healthy: The Science On How To Improve Cognition & Memory with Baxter Bell

November 17–19, 2017  |  Triad Yoga Studio
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Baxter Bell returns to TYI to present his workshop "How Yoga Keeps Your Brain Healthy:  The Science On How To Improve Cognition & Memory", November 17 - 19th.

Like the rest of our body, the brain changes in numerous ways as we get older.  What happens to the brain during healthy aging?  And are there ways that we can positively influence the changes in the structure and function of the brain, much as we can with muscles and bones?  Is yoga an ideal tool to maintain and improve brain health as we age?

This weekend we chart what is currently known about the changes in the brain as we age, and what is known about techniques useful for slowing or preventing common cognitive changes.  We highlight the results from promising studies on the effects of yoga on cognitive functioning and memory loss, and discuss the common lifestyle factors and types of yogic exercises and practices that are showing particular promise in slowing cognitive and fostering healthy brain aging.

Workshop fee $230.00, or $190.00 if registered by October 27th.  Individual workshop sessions $60.00.  Registration and workshop session descriptions are available under "Workshops".

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