Medicine Buddha Monlam in Mexico with Anyen Rinpoche

February 8–11, 2018  |  Tenancingo Edo. de México
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Meditation of the Buddha is a unique practice not only because it is one of the four most powerful practices that can be done for the benefit of others, but also because it can be practiced by anyone regardless of experience. All that it is required is a genuine aspiration of love and compassion in the heart.

In this meditation retreat, Tibetan master Anyen Rinpoche will be meeting with us for four days to teach us all aspects of the “Condensed Sadhana of Medicine Buddha: An Excellent Vase of Nectar” by Venerable Ju Mipham Rinpoche. He gives mental and physical salutation to ourselves and to the beings who suffer everywhere. By focusing completely on this practice, we not only increase our love, compassion, and ability to benefit others, but we also touch others directly through the power of this sadhana, which has healed innumerable beings since it was composed.

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