Mindfulness at Work with Michael Carroll

October 13-15, 2017  |  Omega
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Most of us spend the majority of our day working or thinking about work. Often, our jobs can feel like an unruly journey—sometimes exhilarating, other times discouraging, creatively fulfilling, or tragically toxic.

But, is it the job that is distressing or is it the mind that we bring to the task?

Michael Carroll, a meditation teacher and corporate executive, shares how mindfulness can transform the hassles and anxieties of the workplace into valuable opportunities for personal growth and enhanced effectiveness.

One of our greatest challenges is accepting the invitation to spiritual awakening that our work provides. During this workshop we explore how mindfulness-awareness meditation can help us transform the hassles, conflicts, and anxieties of the workplace into valuable opportunities for spiritual and professional growth.

Through discussion and practice, we learn how mindfulness can help us develop honesty, agility, openness, courage, maturity, humility, respect, and authenticity—characteristics that allow us to thrive in the workplace.

Anyone in any profession who wants to be more engaged and fulfilled by their work is welcome.

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