What NOW – An Integral Life Conference

December 29, 2017–January 1, 2018  |  Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, CO
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What NOW is a four-day year-end conference in Broomfield, Colorado, that will help you navigate and explore the era of massive worldwide disruption we now find ourselves in.

When we came together at the What Next conference nearly five years ago, we offered our own bold visions for the future of consciousness, culture, and technology, embracing the notion that we were on the precipice of a major global transition, preparing to take a “momentous leap” forward as a new stage of human development was beginning to emerge around the world.

Well, the transition has certainly begun. We can all see that we are now heading into one of the most disruptive periods of human history the world has ever known—better and better, worse and worse, faster and faster—and we completely stand by all the hopes and visions that were expressed back in 2012 about our shared future. But few of us could have anticipated just how disruptive and potentially dangerous this transition would turn out to be.

We still have some pretty strong ideas about what’s next for human evolution, of course, which we will continue to explore. But today, the more urgent question is no longer “what next?”

It’s “what NOW?”

In other words, how can we navigate the staggering uncertainty each new day brings, while actively and consciously participating with our own evolutionary unfolding? What can we do to develop the inner resilience and adaptability we need to thrive in this period of disruptive transformation?

Whether you see our current transition as chaotically spiraling out of control or laying the groundwork for the next momentous leap in understanding, we thought it was the perfect time to gather the Integral community again to engage with these very same questions, and to find new ways to bring the wisdom of our crowd to a world that so dearly needs it.

Here are some of the topics we hope to explore together:

  • Party-before-country politics
  • The culture war between tribalism and globalism
  • The 1% accumulating more wealth while the middle class declines economically
  • The extreme fragmentation of media and the rise of fake news and hate propaganda
  • The continued acceleration of technological innovations disrupting core industries and contributing to the loss of industrial jobs
  • The re-emergence of a bipolar geopolitics with the rise of China and the waning of American influence
  • The denial of climate change and worsening environmental degradation
  • The faltering of premium health care for all
  • A broken response to immigration
  • An education system not relevant to the 21st century
  • The continued confusion about the role of religion and spirituality
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